Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Site Coming Soon.

My apologies for not blogging sooner, but life around here has been pretty busy. 

Things in the works at the current moment: 

New Flash Website - being created by Mike Dodge of www.dodgegraphics.net . Mike has several amazing talents, and has agreed to help an old friend out and update my site.

Wedding Season is underway - that means, lots and lots of work. So many photo's, so little room on the many hard drives. 

Senior Portraits - Yes, yes, it's also time to start the class of 2010's senior portraits. 
We also have a few show's we'll be doing this year, so keep an eye out for us, you might find some great surprises if you see us out and about. 

Keep checking back to see the latest images, and the new look to the site. 

Promotions coming soon, so keep an eye out for those as well. 

As far as the current site that's up and running, it may look familiar. Yes, we brought back an oldie but a goodie for the time being. I was going nuts without the clean lines. 

Other than that, I hope to see you all this summer out and about. 

Take care until next time.